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Stand for something or you'll fall for anything

The perspective I bring to the Blaine City Council could be best summed up as this: I am a mom, a business owner and an involved community resident of Blaine.

Regarding work experience, I've been a business owner and entrepreneur for 20+ years. Creating two business from the ground up has been my life's work thus far. I understand what it means to carry the responsibility for other's livelihood and income for over 300 Minnesotans. My career history is leadership, risk and strong faith.

As a family, we are Lakes residents for 16 years and we have five school-age children. Two of our children joined our family through Anoka County foster care. Their lives shape my passion and values as we believe all children deserve safe and loving homes. I attend school board meeting and am very active in our school district. 

Alongside other dedicated parents, last fall we launched the Centennial High School Breakfast Club where we feed free breakfast to high school students and offer a biblical message before school on Thursdays. Introducing faith in Jesus Christ one child at a time is our mission. This is the second year of our mission. We feed the bellies and minds to over 120 attendees each week. I am very proud of the work that we continue to do.

With all children's futures in mind, I am active with numerous political campaigns on a local level. From the last Governor's race to the Senate, House of Representatives and numerous school board races, its been a privilege to work for and learn from some of the best advocates for change that I know. We will never stop advocating for our children.

I am a recommended candidate by the Conservative BPOU.

Speaking for my own family, we love Blaine and hope to live here indefinitely. Its important that our kids feel safe in the community when they are out on their bikes or drive on the roads headed to school. THAT pushes me forward to be involved and to be a voice for the community in which we live. Lets ensure that Blaine remains a great place to raise a family.

Senate District 32 BPOU

Nolan West, House of Representative for Blaine/Ham Lake
Robyn West
, retired Anoka County County Commissioner
Tom Knisely, Ce
ntennial School Board
Craig Johnson, Centennial School Board
Gloria Murphy, Centennial School Board
Metro Gun Club
Dr. Scott Jensen
Minnesotans for Health and Parental Rights

Gorham Builders, LLC
Hedberg Homes
Lockwood Construction

Aid Electric Corporation
Steve Lockwood, Keller Williams Realty
Jennifer’s Candy Bar Creations

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